Kings Lane Medical Practice currently uses teledermatology to assess pigmented lesions. When the clinician is unsure how to proceed this provides a useful triage process. They use the Mole clinic ( based in London which is a Consultant Dermatology led service. The process uses a Hand yscope which is designed to fit an Iphone. The lesion is photographed for location and then for a dermatoscopic picture which are sent to the clinic via an APP on the phone. The clinical details are deleted from the phone after transmission. The results are then returned to the clinician’s NHS email account. The results are returned within 48 hours. The whole process has NHS IG approval.  As the process is quick the patient can be reassured quickly or a 2 week rule referral can be arranged with minimal delay.

This service should ONLY be used for pigmented lesions as other dermatological conditions are not as easily assessed.

Patient feedback is extremely positive. They appreciate the quick results and are impressed that the practice is using new technologies. It is also a learning aide to our clinicians.

GPW-Fed has secured funding to extend this service to member practices, hopefully to go live in November. If your practice has a handy scope and I-phone but have not yet let the federation know, please email Robbie Howard ( More information will be sent soon about registering for this service as individual practice users or as a host practice.


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