Thanks to support of all GPW-Fed practices and their Patient Groups, our proposed model is being supported by the CCG.

Over the past 18 months, led by Dr Priscilla Wong, we have sought practices and patients views and responded to a request for Business Case by the CCG. Our model ensures that those practices who have the capacity and wish to provide the service in their practice will now have the access to funding to deliver such a service.

We have also proposed a hub approach with potentially 8 practice sites where practices can send their patients and these are located nearer to their practices or closer to their home. GPW-Fed will be delivering a domiciliary service and Paediatric phlebotomy service to all member practices who wish to use this service. This menu based option service will meet the varying needs of practice and contribute to a high quality patient centred service. This will ensure that we use the resources to delivering the service rather than managing the service and practices will have ownership of the service. Our Patient Group has been and will be involved in designing and delivering this service.

GPW-Fed welcomes any practice which wants to access this scheme irrespective of their Federation membership.

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