GPW-Fed has applied to provide health checks in a tendering process by Wirral Public Health / Local Authority. The contract involves delivering 6000 checks per annum as a block contract with facility to deliver a further 6000 on a PBR ( fee for each check) basis.

Our proposal is a multi-organisational bid in partnership with Wirral Pharmacists, and six voluntary organisations in Wirral that represent housing, ethnicity, hard to reach communities, a carer group, citizen supermarket and local media. We are also partnering with a national organisation that has delivered such projects around the country and who deliver training.

Our model is based on primarily engaging with all Wirral practices on an equitable basis based on the LES model. We will also support any practice that may wish to identify patients but do not have capacity to deliver this in house.

Working in partnership with pharmacists and other third sector organisations will ensure that we optimise uptake throughout Wirral.

Training HCA’s and other workers to undertake part of the check or the complete check and signposting to appropriate services is critical to this scheme. Our model will ensure to that we look at building on what has worked to date and use new initiatives to undertake this valuable service.

Many thanks to Monika Doyle, Sandra Davies, Carolyn Brennan ,Fiona Harle and other colleagues who have contributed to our bid, well done.

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